Stedelijk Museum – Stedelijk X

The Stedelijk Museum briefed creative agency Buutvrij for life to come up with an idea that attracted more Amsterdammers to the museum.


We came up with Stedelijk X. The Stedelijk Museum invited six, well known, but all different Amsterdammers to curate their own audio tour in the Museum. Each series started with an opening evening where the selected curator presented his or her idea behind their selection. After the opening evening the tour had been running for two weeks and inhabitants were able to enter the museum for free when they mentioned the influencer’s name.


Together with a curator from the museum, all six selected guest curators designed their own theme for their selection and invited a different audience to the museum.


The different tours were promoted via Instagram and Facebook and got featured in different press.


An audio tour with Soundcloud
What I personally like about the concept is how we used Soundcloud as an audio guide. In this way we didn’t have to build a native app, which saved a lot of money, and made the audio guide easy accessible for all visitors. We switched the ‘album cover’ for the selected art-work in the museum and uploaded the audio guides as music tracks. Check out the SoundCloud profile here


Buutvrij for life


Tom Doms
Maurice Vinken


Silver Spinaward
Stedelijk X got awarded with a Silver Spinaward in the category ‘Content’.